George Margolin PhotoMargolin Development is an Inventive Product Development company with consultants available around the globe. Rent-An-Inventor is also a division where an Inventor/Product Development consultant can be utilized to bring your company to the forefront of technology.

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Name: George D. Margolin 

What We Do and What We Did:

 President of Margolin Development an Invention and Product Development Company. He also consults on the subjects of Invention and Product Development with companies under a registered D.B.A. of "Rent an Inventor." Acts as an advisor to the yearly invention conference called, The Invention Convention, and is an Advisory Board Member of The Alliance for American Innovation -- a Washington think tank on US. Patent Laws and Legislation and one of the sponsors of the National Innovation Workshop.

Brief Description of Past Experience:

Professional inventor and product developer for over 30 years. Founded Front Projection Corporation, with Sherman Fairchild -- the founder of Fairchild Camera, Fairchild Aircraft, Fairchild Semiconductor and many other companies. Was Vice President and General Manager under Mr. Fairchild and invented the company’s main product, the Front Projection Background System. This system is used in hundreds of Photographic Studios throughout the world and is used in virtually all Motion Picture studios, including Disney, MGM, J. Arthur Rank, Cine Cita in Rome. It was an award winning background system in 2001, a Space Odyssey, and has been used in virtually all the James Bond films and in hundreds of other pictures.

Founded Micro Display Systems, Inc. in New York and developed and produced the first truly portable microfiche reader. Later sold this company to Bell & Howell which produced this product for many years under the name "The Bell & Howell Briefcase Microfiche Reader."

Invented the first electronic folding keyboard, that was also interchangeable, removable and replaceable. This invention was licensed by Hewlett Packard and is in use today in a number of electronic products from Sharp including the Sharp Wizard and is the basis of the current IBM "Butterfly" expandable keyboard.

Invented the first fiber optic document scanner and wide format engineering scanner and printer.

Recent inventions are: new types of anti-needle-stick Safety Syringes, a new type of infinitely variable bicycle transmission, and is currently developing a new concept in truly portable, compact loudspeaker systems of exceptional clarity and bass output.

Additional Information:

26 issued patents -- more in process -- undergraduate degree in Journalism & Political Science --graduate work at Columbia University in Photographic Science -- former Technical Editor of Popular Photography Magazine, producing dozens of technical articles -- consulted for AT&T Bell Labs, MGM Studios, Safeguard Business Systems, Bell & Howell, Burroughs, Minolta -- speaker before the Patent Office on upcoming Patent Legislation -- lecturer on the "Invention Process" and on "Patent Infringement Lawsuits."

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