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Rent a Business-Savvy, Entrepreneurial inventor of well known products -- for a day, or by the week, to help you keep ahead of the market and BEAT your competition. 

  • What's your Company's Intellectual Property Really Worth?
    • Intellectual Property Valuation & Maximization
  • Are Valuable Inventions and Patents Hiding in Your Labs?
  • Accelerate Your Product Development Cycle.
  • Reality Checks on Patent Approaches

Scope of Services 

To the question, “Do we think outside the box?” we answer, “What box?  There is no box, only a world of solutions as yet unexplored.”

Many companies are available to provide organizational and business services.  And there are some that can provide engineering and construction aid.  But none  that we have seen, that have the experience or talent-at-hand, to help companies, small to medium in size – meet the growing competitive demands of our rapidly changing technological base. 

We are uniquely able to provided creative services to help companies mine their internal technological resources and to invent or aid in the invention and development of new products needed for their future survival and growth. 

Working with our clients consists of many steps: 

  • Initial interview to discuss client needs, goals and objectives
  • Discussions of the desired future direction of the company
  • Identify problems and opportunities
  • Investigation and analysis of existing technology resources held by client, including current and potential patents and in-house developmental personnel and physical capabilities
  • Evaluate potential avenues of advancing current technology and acquiring new technology by invention or license.
  • Provide objective "competitive analysis" of existing competition
  • Work directly with company engineers to help them develop "inventive breakthrough" solutions rather than minor methodological improvements.
  • Research potential technological avenues and directions being developed and/or desired in the marketplace.

George D. Margolin, Founder and President of Margolin Development, Inc. and Rent-An-Inventor™ invented and patented the first folding, expandable and inter-changeable keyboard. It has been used in millions of devices. He also developed products for the motion picture industry (Front Projection Background Systems), Imaging and computers (fiber optic scanners and printers and portable microfiche readers), optical devices, medical devices, (a new auto retracting Safety Syringe) even a brand new kind of Bicycle transmission, plus many more.

This wide-ranging and multi-patented inventor has consulted or worked with large and small companies to give them a creative edge in technology. He has been involved in product development in Europe and in Asia. And he relishes helping companies do the undoable.

As an authority on the patent process and lecturer on the current frightening changes in American and International patent laws, he has freely given his insights before The Patent Commissioner and Congressmen.

George Margolin has done work for companies such as AT&T Bell Laboratories, Fairchild,  Minolta, Safeguard Business Systems, Bell and Howell, MGM, Photon Devices, J Arthur Rank Studios, Burroughs Corporation, Microdisplay Systems and more.

Rent-An-Inventor™ specializes in Businesses that seek to Maximize their Intellectual Property and also on development of Inventive products for Your Business!  Our team can help you augment your Research and Development department! 

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Contact Information


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