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Glare blocking camcorder/camera stabilizing eye level viewfinder device and method

Heat transfer system with supracritical fluid  6,628,002      PDF

Needle-Retracting Syringe 5,248,303

Safety Unit Dose Syringe 5,019,048

Fiber Optic Scanner Initializer 4,830,446

Graphic Printing Device 4,762,391

Color Document Scanner 4,748,680

Grey Scale Fiber Optic Scanner 4,702,552

Secure Ident Card System 4,682,794

Coherent Fiber Optic Bundle 4,674,834

Resilient Deformable Keyboard 4,517,421

Digitizing Tablet -- Very Cheap 4,455,450

POS Terminal with Prompting 4,441,160

Automatic Money Handler 4,249,552

Microform Reader 4,247,185

Electronically Conductive Check 4,231,593

Computer input/output Device 4,230,938

Microform Reader 4,126,387

Expandable Keyboard Device 3,940,758

Photographic Background Syst. 2,350,980


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