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MARGOLIN DEVELOPMENT, INC. was founded by George D. Margolin in New York City over 20 years ago. Its goals were to invent, develop and bring new products to market.

It changed as technology changed. Actually, it was able to predict changes taking place before they took place! That’s how it moved from microfilm and optical devices to breakthrough computer component technology. While its interests and emphasis have been in the high tech world of computers, it recently invented a low tech but important medical device for the protection of health care professionals. And it is now developing a new type of bicycle transmission -- low tech but very useful.

Newport Beach, California has been the home of Margolin Development for the past 19 years, where it has matured into a successful small company with consultants in Asia and Europe, as well as America.

While our company is still actively creating inventions, we desire to share our insights and experiences with others who need help in developing new and better products at the lowest cost and in the shortest time. We’ve been there, developing products from an idea, through the patent process and into the model, prototype and production stages. We’ve done that, but we enjoy doing it again and again.


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We Can Be Reached at:

Margolin Development

Telephone: 949-645-5950
FAX: 949-645-5974
Postal address: PO Box 2846, Newport Beach,CA, 92659 USA
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